Being an Active Member

We hope you will be an active member of the group by attending or hosting an activity.  Participation is a key element to My Baby Jungle; it lends itself to creating a community of familiar faces where you see a family each week. Through active participation you are able to forge relationships with the many moms and little ones in our growing group.  When you do not regularly attend activities and events you are demonstrating a disinterest in being part of the community.  We understand that you may not always be available whether you or your little one may have an illness, a nap time conflict arises, your family visits or you are on vacation. If you have any of the aforementioned circumstances, please let the admin moms know.


Photo Privacy

Please respect the privacy of moms who do not share their child’s image on social media by only posting group pictures in My Baby Jungle closed Facebook page. Photos that are shared on our Facebook page can only be viewed by members in the group.  We ask that if you want to share pictures or videos, taken during an activity or event, that you receive permission from all the parents of the children prior to posting.  We will also respect families privacy by not posting your child’s picture on our website unless we receive your permission ahead of time as well.


Being Considerate at Activities & Events

Please be courteous and be a good listener during the structured activity, whether it is by singing songs at music class or when a mom is giving directions for an activity or project.

Please help the host out with setting-up and cleaning up after an activity or event this is helpful to the host and teaches our kids everyone works together.

Cleaning up after yourself and your child.

Please keep child at arm’s length distance to avoid accidents.


Our Weekly Activities

My Baby Jungle hosts two weekly Mommy & Me activities, as well as special events and outings; activities, events and outings will be posted on our Facebook group page.

The moms in the group cooperatively share the responsibility of leading structured activities based on the talents and interests of individual moms and the group.  Our two weekly classes consist of a thirty-minute activity, which is then followed by open playtime.  On Tuesday afternoons in the Mommy & Me Music Group, newborns to toddlers get to sing along together.  On Thursday afternoons, Jungle Explorers, able walkers, get to enjoy a weekly rotating array of activities.  (Please note: As a new member you may need a special invite to initially attend Thursday activities.)  Past Thursday Jungle Explorer activities have included Hungarian Gingerbread Cookie decorating, Peruvian Dance and Sing, Arts & Crafts projects for Cinco de Mayo and Father’s Day, Storytime with Puppets, Exploring Through Movement with songs and yoga-like movements, and Mom Cardio. We had an outing to Liberty Science Center, and a Weekend Picnic for the whole family.  In addition, we have had Moms Night Out to mingle and relax while the little ones are at home with Daddy.   For more detailed information about weekly activities and events visit our Weekly Events  Activities page. 

If a mom does not feel inspired or comfortable leading a group activity, we ask that she help out by supporting the other moms. For example, if a mom enjoys event planning, then she could plan a special outing to a local park, a family event or a trip to a local destination.  You can also pair up with another mom to lead an activity together.


Hosting an Activity or Event

Please refer to Host Guidelines and Facebook Invite Template for more information about how to create an invite for an activity, event or outing and guidelines for planning and hosting.


Referral to Join Group

We only accept moms who are friends with current members. If you have a mom friend residing in the Jersey City/Hoboken area with a child up to 2 and half year olds who would like to join the group, please have her send a private message on Facebook to one of the following admins:  Pamela Vera, Mafer Piñeda or Jess Ergener.


We hope to see you soon at an activity, an outing and that you will share your special talent/interest by planning and leading an activity.

We adhere to a three-month absentee policy.  If you have not attended an activity, event or outing in the past three month, you will be removed from the group and need to reapply to rejoin the group.
RSVP Policy

In order to help the host know who will be attending an activity and prepare accordingly, we ask that you RSVP to the activity invite on Facebook you wish to attend.  Please carefully read the activity description so you know who is invited to attend.  If you are unable to attend due to nap schedule, illness, etc, kindly change your RSVP status in a timely manner.  This is especially important when there is a waitlist for an activity and your place can be given to another family who wishes to attend.
Three “RSVP’d no shows” Policy

Moms in the group spend a great deal of time and effort planning, organizing and preparing for activities and events.  When you do not update your RSVP status and then do not show up it is inconsiderate.  We understand that you may have a sick child and you cannot update your status or let the host know, ahead of time, you will not be coming.  We ask that if you find yourself in such a situation that you contact the host within 24 hrs to explain why you were unable to attend (or it will be considered a “no show.”)  If you are “no show” to three activities or events you RSVP’d to, you will be will be removed from the group.


Illness Policy

Sick Child

We follow the same guidelines as daycares and schools for illnesses.  Children should be fever (100 degrees or higher) free for 24 hours without meds prior to the activity or event you wish to attend.  Little ones can have runny noses for what seems like all season long and as moms we get that, but if you are not sure if your child is contagious, please stay at home and we’ll see you another time.  It is not respectful to other families if you bring a sick child to an event.  It puts other moms in an uncomfortable position to ask your child’s symptoms and you could risk losing a friendship. You can also contact the host to seek her opinion.

If you are hosting, and your child has a non-contagious cold, post a message to the moms attending your activity, letting them know that your child is not feeling well.

Sick Host

If a host is feeling under the weather, she will try to find an alternate mother to fill in for her, cancel the activity/event or if she is not contagious she will post to the moms coming to her event she is not well.  Moms can then decide if they still wish to attend.