Tuesday Mommy and Me Music

Where we Meet?

We used to meet every Tuesday @ 3:30 PM until mid July 2016. The class does not have a regular schedule but you could check back on our Facebook group.

Please plan to arrive 10-15 mins prior to class so that we can start as close to 3:30 as is possible

Indoors: Meet at the 2nd floor playroom at 3:30 PM at 70 Columbus.  Please park strollers outside of the room along the hallway wall.

Outdoors: Meet at the lobby at 3:30* PM at 50 Columbus to be escorted to the outdoor deck area. * Parent must arrive 15 minutes earlier

Activity Description

The one hour activity consists of 30-40 minutes singing songs together followed by 20 minutes of open play and mommy chat time

We encourage parents to participate by singing along with the children. You can preview the songs we sing on Spotify (Tuesday playlist on Music page).  We ask that parents save conversations for open play time.

Mafer is one of the main host of this activity. However, other moms take the leadership to organize this activity too.

The event will be held indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.
If we are outdoors, please bring any gear you may need such as a blanket, sun hat and sunblock.  If we are indoors, please wears socks as we take shoes off in the play room.

Kindly RSVP in the comment section of the class post on our Facebook group page

What to Bring?

Two music toys/instruments – you may wish to label your instruments

Toys for play time that can be shared

Indoor class: do not wear shoes

Outdoor class: blanket or sheet, sun hat and sunscreen

To be kind to the host, please check out the rules for the 50-70 Columbus building prior attending this event

50-70 Columbus amenities