Tips for New Moms in Jersey City/Hoboken

by Pamela Vera

I am a stay at home mom that doesn’t really stay home. My days are full of field trips with my baby, Sebastian. Today for example , we left our apartment at 10 am and returned on time for dinner. Among the activities that we had were an infant/toddler puppet show at Puppetonia,  lunch with a friend who is pregnant with twins followed by Hoboken Moms Meetup, both at CHOC.O.PAIN Bakery, and a visit to the Newport Green playground.

The most fulfilling activity of the day was the Hoboken Moms Meetup event. There were more than 10 new moms – some of them with babies as young as 3 weeks old. Since Sebastian is 14 months old now, I felt like an expert sharing my everyday experiences that, believe me, are never the same. I often think that we (Sebastian and I) have a whole system figured out, until everything changes the following week.



These are some of the things Sebastian and I tried during his first few months:

  1. Swim Jim offers classes that are free for babies 2-6 months old. We had to drive to Manahattan on Saturdays, but it was totally worth the trip. We were able to have fun with our little one, and we all came home relaxed after the warm pool.  The best part was that it prepared us for a summer long season at the community pool where Sebastian began to swim at 6 months old.img_4333 img_3486
  2. My Gym is all over the world. The classes are free for babies under 6 months old. We began going when Sebastian turned 7 months old. We really like the facilities and props. However, a few friends and I have had issues with incorrect credit card charges while our accounts were frozen.
  3. Michelle Timek Yoga classes were our first exposure to the world after delivering. Michelle and her Mommy and Me class are great. However, the best part of having attended Michelle’s class was the friends I made.
  4. JC Barre. I bought an unlimited month pass. By the time I got to attend this Mommy and Me class, Sebastian was crawling away. I spent half the time chasing after him but still got some good workout and Sebastian had some fun with the other babies too. I strongly recommend it to moms that are in need to get back in shape.
  5. Three Little Birds
  6. Carol Lester Music Class is the best music class my baby and I attend. Carol is a great entertainer!
  7. The feeding guide of Baby Bullet blender, It helped me figure out Sebastian’s first meals.
  8. The Infantino Squeeze-Station allowed me to run around town and socialize without worrying what my baby would eat, while Sebastian was fed homemade and natural meals. Since his second month of puree meals, I began using the system of pouches to feed him in a clean manner on the go. Each pouch stores 4 oz.  At 10 months, Sebastian would eat 8 oz. That means two pouches. We would fill out the cooler with the ice pack and a few of these pouches which helped Sebastian never go hungry and allowed me to not stress out thinking what I would feed him.

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