Harp Concert and Italian Fairy Tales

by Amber Creighton


On April 11, 2016, “My Baby Jungle,” a baby and toddler music class with a focus on multi-lingual educational songs and international social gatherings, organized a fantastic harp concert performed by Elena Borelli! Elena’s beautiful music featured songs performed in Italian and English, including the timeless children’s classics “Giulio Coniglio e la Luna” and “Ninna Nanna per una Pecorella!” The classical music was accented by the intermitent sounds of endearing baby and toddler chaos. However, the children were also periodically mesmerized both by the magical classical harp music and by the bubbles too of course!

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Elena Borelli who performed the lovely harp music at “My Baby Jungle” has an amazing professional background in addition to her musical abilities. Elena has been professor of Roman languages and Thought at several prestigious universities including Rutgers, Fordham, the Technische Universitet in Dresden, and is currently teaching at CUNY in New York City. At the University level, she teaches French, Italian, and The Divine Comedy in English.

Elena, originally from Northern Italy, developed a long-time fascination with harp music at an early age. This fascination began when Elena was just fifteen years old and first heard Celtic music while traveling in France in the 1990’s. During this fated trip through France, she happened to venture into a music store where an elderly gentleman suggested that she buy a CD full of Celtic Harp music. Elena immediately fell in love with the enchanting sounds of the harp and she would continue to listen to this CD for years to come. At that time, there were not harp teachers available back in her home town of Modena, Italy. She continued to dream that one day she would have the opportunity to learn to play the harp. Her love for Celtic music has grown deeply since then. Two years ago, she began her harpist studies and is now the incredibly talented musician that graced “My Baby Jungle” last Tuesday. Elena plays the Celtic harp as well as the large Concert harps.

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