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Collaboration, Support, FUN!

Welcome to My Baby Jungle, a volunteer members only group based in Jersey City, that is composed of Mommies with their babies and young toddlers.  My Baby Jungle offers two activites per week and much more!  The first activity option is a Mommy and Me music group, suitable for young babies up to toddler age, and is held Tuesdays at 3:30pm.  The second activity is a class is Thursdays at 3:30pm, which is led by a volunteer Mommy member with a new creative theme each class, and is suitable for early walkers to young toddlers.  The locations of both classes are subject to change.  Examples of past Thursday class themes include Peruvian Dance Class, Cinco De Mayo, Hungarian Cookie Decorating and an interactive Mother and child movement yoga class!  In addition to these two activity options, My Baby Jungle members enjoy invitations to additional excursions, such as play dates in the park, picnics, and even Mommies Only Evening Events!  Come joins us for a collaborative approach to fun, Classes that provide Moms and their children a supportive network and creative social outlet!

By Amber Creighton

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Meet the moms responsible for My Baby Jungle

20160217_045133000_iosPamela is a Peruvian lady who has lived abroad for 15+ years. As a new mother, she is excited to share her native language, Spanish, with her child, Sebastian. She would like him to have the ability to learn any language that he might choose in the future. Her goal is expose him to the most possible bilingual environment.

From there the seed of a mommy organized music and play class was planted. Pamela and two German speaking mothers began to meet up once a week to sing Spanish, English and German songs. Now, they have a larger group of moms with diverse backgrounds who share songs and book readings in their native languages.




Mafer is a SAHM to Hans, who was born in December 2014.  She is originally from Guatemala and moved to the United States six years ago. She lived in Marin County, CA and Miami prior to moving to Jersey City.  She enjoys exploring the world with Hans through language; she communicates with him in English, Spanish and even a little German.  She also enjoys music and making crafts as she feels that both activities transcend language to allow a person to express feelings and emotions. Mafer has 10 years of experience working with young children as a nanny and enjoys sharing the knowledge she gained with other mommies.  She delights in having fun with little ones.  Since Mafer’s passion lies in music and creating crafts she leads children in the Tuesday Mommy & Me Music the Jungle Explorers group in crafting.  She hopes to impart her love of enjoying life’s joys with the children of My Baby Jungle.


Jess Ergener is a stay at home mom to an active toddler boy.  IMG_0732 (1)Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as an elementary school educator for twelve years teaching Kindergarten through Fifth grade as well as Basic Skills.  She endeavored to help students work toward their potential, build self-esteem, and gain a love of books through reading.  Jess is also a certified yoga teacher who teaches adults and kids.   Jess’ curious nature, love of language, and enthusiasm of sharing ideas led hertomeet and become a member of My Baby Jungle.  She is excited to be part of a community of mamas and little ones “exploring” together.